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Boyce & Associates Wealth Consulting provides full-service company-qualified retirement plan design, implementation, and monitoring for small and medium-sized businesses as well as self-employed business owners. We are focused on finding the right retirement plan solution for our clients, realizing that it is the bedrock of a competitive benefits package. We listen to their needs and objectives, and as an independent firm, we can source affordable, effective solutions from a wide variety of industry options. Our team spends the time necessary to construct the right retirement plan for each business, and we also spend time monitoring those plans and benchmarking them periodically to ensure they remain cost competitive against other options.

Happy Retirement

Company Retirement Plans

Whether you are a small business looking to provide a retirement plan for you and your employees or a successful business owner looking to maximize your retirement savings, we have plans to fit your needs.



3109 Kenai Drive, Ste. 107

Cedar Park, TX 78641





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