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At Boyce & Associates Wealth Consulting, we are problem solvers. As an independent firm, we are free to examine, study and implement innovative solutions, wherever they are, to solve real problems for our clients. Our staff is trained to evaluate complex circumstances and work with our design partners to derive the retirement solutions our clients deserve to recruit, retain, and reward top talent.


Business owners trying to retain key employees they cannot lose is a prime example of where a non-qualified incentive plan can solve a real problem. In addition, providing a retirement-saving vehicle for highly compensated owners or key employees far beyond what the current qualified plan rules will allow is another good example.


Planning is best when there is time to plan. Business owners with years until exit may wish to transition ownership to family members or key employees, but can they get financing? With time to plan, a non-qualified retirement program might provide a viable alternative to conventional credit sources or having to personally finance the transaction.

  • Cash Management
    Management of cash flows, budgets, and reserves is essential to the success of a financial plan. This critical process helps you fund your goals, plan for contingencies, be prepared for the unknown, and also allows you to enjoy a comfortable, purposeful lifestyle as you prepare for retirement and beyond.
  • Risk Management & Insurance
    The perfect plan in the world can be destroyed entirely if you have not accounted for Death, Disability, and Accidents. A complete financial plan will quantify these risks and share ways to insure against them.
  • Retirement Planning
    Retirement is the one goal that we all have in common. That said, some retirement will be different. As part of the planning process, we will paint a picture of your retirement, what it will cost, and how long you are likely to live in retirement.
  • Investments & Allocation
    Once we have determined the end goal of your financial and retirement plan, it is time to review your investments and asset allocation. We will review current investments and structure the technique for your future investments. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are not paid commissions on investments. Our client portfolios will include Mutual Funds, ETFs, and in come cases, Individual Stocks and Bonds.
  • Estate Plan
    Regardless of your wealth, you will need to do some estate planning. A typical estate plan will include the following documents: Will Durable Power of Attorney Health Care Power of Attorney Living Will/Directive of Physician Possibly a Trust



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