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Boyce & Associates Introduces High Yield Savings Program for Clients

Boyce & Associates Wealth Consulting is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Flourish Financial, LLC to provide our clients with a no-cost cash management program for non-investment cash held away from Charles Schwab.

Flourish Cash is an invitation-only cash account designed exclusively for clients of independent financial advisors with the goal of earning more interest on your cash than you would earn at a traditional bank. Flourish Cash offers very competitive interest rates, zero account fees, and easy access to your money.


Here are some of the key things to know about Flourish Cash:

·         Interest rates: Flourish Cash offers tiered interest rates, with the highest rate (up to 5.00% APY) applying to the first $1 million in your account. This is significantly higher than the national average savings account rate.

·         No fees: There are no monthly fees, annual fees, or minimum balance requirements for Flourish Cash.

·         Easy access to your money: You can easily access your money through the Flourish app or website. You can also set up automatic transfers to and from your other bank accounts.

·         FDIC insurance: Your deposits in Flourish Cash are FDIC-insured up to $4,000,000 for both individual account and business accounts.


Flourish Cash is a great option for savers who are looking for a high-yield savings account with no fees. Here are some additional details about Flourish Cash:

·         Eligibility: Flourish Cash is currently only available to clients of Boyce & Associates Wealth Consulting, Inc..

·         Funding: You can fund your Flourish Cash account with a linked bank account.

·         Withdrawals: You can withdraw your money from Flourish Cash at any time. 


Based in New York City, Flourish Financial, LLC (Flourish Cash Management Website) is owned by Mass Mutual, one of the largest and most stable insurance companies in the country. 

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