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Charts & Chat - March 31, 2024

This week, CEO Eric Boyce, CFA discusses: 1. consensus economic forecasts increasing for 2024, inflation higher for longer but coming down. 2. CPI relief from rents on the way. 3. eye on the data - consumer expectations lag current conditions 4. lending conditions improving, but banks likely to increase loan loss reserves 5. Richmond/Dallas Fed manufacturing data still soft...some softness in Philly Fed 6. house price growth still positive, but decelerating. Size of homes decreasing, yet, affordability remains challenged 7. market exuberance high, volatility low. 8. valuations a bit stretched overall, but not necessarily for the median S&P 500 company. Overall stock market presents pockets of value (i.e. small cap), but overall risk of near term pullback is tangible.

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