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Karl was brought on in 2018 and was the firm's first Wealth Manager.  Karl began his financial career in 2010 as a Regional Private Banker at Wells Fargo.  In 2014, Karl made a move to Edward Jones, focussing on managing client assets.  In 2015, Karl earned the coveted CFP designation.  In 2019, Karl graduated Summa Cum Laude from Johns Hopkins with a Masters in Quantitative Finance.  May 8 marks the six year anniversary of Karls employment with Boyce and Associates and "things couldn't be better."  Look for Karl to remain an important member of the Boyce and Associates team for many years to come.

Personally, Karl was just married on March 21 of this year to his longtime fiance, Nicha.  Karl has two daughters; Jackie (24) living in New York and trying to make it on Broadway and Angela (11) in the 5th grade.  Karl, Nicha and Angela live happily in Leander.

Fun facts about Karl:

  • Karl was a member of the 1991 NCAA, DIV 1, Men's Volleyball National Championship team. 

  • Karl followed the Grateful Dead in 1992 for four months and then on/ off until 1995.  In total, Karl has attended 72 Grateful Dead shows.

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