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Meet Tom Kemler

I've been in and around the financial services industry for a long time in many different roles.  I got to know Eric when we worked together at Hester Capital around 20 years ago, and we stayed in touch as we were both on the CFA Society of Austin's Board for several years after that.  I had done some private business valuation work with Bank of America many years ago, and Eric asked me if I'd be interested in doing that again.  Interestingly enough, Eric and I were both working at Bank of America in Dallas at the same time, but we didn't know each other then.


  1. I guess you could call my hobby doing home improvement.  Anything from masonry and landscaping to plumbing and wood work, although I draw the line at serious electrical.  My motto is "Better than a professional.  All it costs is a steak dinner and three trips to Home Depot".

  2. My favorite vacation is a cruise, preferably one with lots of days at sea.

  3. I enjoy taking drives out to the Texas Hill Country with my wife Nancy to enjoy the wineries.

  4. My favorite food is a steak filet seared on my Blackstone griddle.  Best served with a big, Texas red wine.

  5. I went to high school near Pittsburgh, college in Delaware, and did my graduate work at night in Dallas.

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