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Five Steps to Ring in a Prosperous New Year

As the festive glitter settles and the echoes of "Happy New Year!" fade, a question whispers amidst the resolutions: how can we make this year a financially prosperous one? With a little planning and some small steps, the new year can be more than just a fresh start; it can be a springboard to a financially sound future.

Step #1 Know Your Score: Let's begin with a foundation. Checking your credit score is like taking your financial temperature. Identifying any blemishes can help you prioritize tackling issues like overdue payments or incorrect information. Aim for a healthy score to unlock better loan rates and potentially boost your insurance premiums. You can get a free score check on Experian. Continue to take a look every year!

Step #2 Budgeting Buddy: Budgets are not boring! Think of them as your financial roadmap. They are crucial to track your income and expenses, categorize spending, and identify areas for potential savings. There are many tools and apps to make budgeting fun and interactive. Remember, a budget is a living document – adjust it as your needs and income evolve. If you need a budgeting calculator, let me know, and I will email you what we use. 

Step #3 Savings Sizzle: Every budget needs a savings sidekick. Start small, perhaps with a round-up app that funnels spare change into a high-yield savings account. Consider automatic transfers to build a safety net or fuel-specific goals like a down payment or vacation. Remember, even small, consistent savings can turn into big bucks over time. Banks seem to be lagging on savings interest rates; ask us if you have cash sitting around making less than 5%. We can help!

Step #4 Debt Demolition Crew: High-interest debt is a financial gremlin, siphoning off your hard-earned cash. Debt is a thief looking to take away your money. Prioritize paying off credit card debt if you have it. Start with the highest interest rate and start chipping away. Also, explore consolidation options and consider strategies like the snowball or avalanche method to gain momentum. There are many zero-percent credit cards to which you can transfer the balance to. Usually, there is a fee to do this, but you can get ahead of a 20% interest rate if you look at this method. Every chunk of debt conquered gives you financial breathing room. Let’s get the thieves out of our household!

Step #5 Investment Inspiration: The new year is a perfect time to explore investing. Even with small amounts, starting early can reap the benefits of compound interest. Remember, investing is a marathon, not a sprint. If your company has a retirement account, make sure you ask if they have a match and do as much as you can. If they match 100% up to 3%, put in the full 3%. Investing can get complex, so please use us as a resource. This is what we shine at! We can put together a financial plan and help you get to the finish line!

Financial Finish Line! 

You did it! Making smart financial choices is a lifestyle, not a one-time resolution. However, hitting the reset button at the beginning of every new year is a healthy habit. 

Stay focused by setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound). Reward yourself for milestones reached and track your progress. Education is crucial – read financial blogs, listen to podcasts, and learn from experts. Also, reach out to me and let me assist you on your journey to the finish line. 

Finally, remember everyone's financial journey is unique. Don't compare yourself to others; celebrate your own progress, big or small. Embrace the new year as an opportunity for financial growth and make smart choices that lead to an amazing year. So, raise a glass (a celebratory mocktail perhaps!), and say cheers to a financially fit and fabulous new year!

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