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Meet Jonathan McQuade

Jonathan McQuade Boyce & Associates Wealth

I grew up in Oklahoma and came to Austin in 2003 to play NCAA soccer for St. Edward's

University.  After college, I lived in Seattle for the better part of a decade and found a passion for

backpacking through national parks in the Pacific Northwest.  However, I missed breakfast tacos

and good BBQ too much, so I moved back to Austin with my family.  I have two wonderful kids

who are in the 4th and 2nd grades this year, and am lucky to be married for 13 years to my wife,

Sydney, who owns a group psychotherapy practice with locations in Austin and El Paso.

5 interesting facts

  • My favorite vacation to date was a friend’s wedding in Tuscany, Italy

  • I love to backpack and camp in the Pacific Northwest

  • I play classical piano

  • I am also a citizen of Luxembourg

  • Breakfast tacos are tough to beat!

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